Capital Convention Center, Kohima
Mon - Fri : 09.00 AM - 04.00 PM
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The Conclave was an integral part of IDAN’s ongoing engagement with the GIZ and Dhriiti. GIZ’s Her & Now programme looks to an in-depth research with women entrepreneurs in Nagaland.

The research culminated to the Conclave on 18th February 2022 where key stakeholders, namely Government, financial institutions, entrepreneurship support organizations and the women entrepreneurs themselves were brought together.

The objective of this Conclave is to create a Policy Brief/ Policy Whitepaper on women entrepreneurship ecosystem of Nagaland through its various stakeholder consultation processes.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 SOPs, the Conclave was in two parts- two-day stakeholder specific virtual roundtables, and a final multistakeholder physical interaction at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima which was graced by the Hon’ble Speaker of Nagaland, Sharingain Longkumer.

The Policy White paper once finalized will be released by the Chief Minister.


  • Identification of existing challenges, and policy gaps.
  • Directional insights on way forward to formulate the Policy Whitepaper.
  • Networking opportunities for Conclave participants.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Nagaland Network (WENN) formed and launched on 18th April 2022. WENN seeks to address the need for an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the State that can help women thrive; an ecosystem that brings together business knowledge and skills, access to credit and market linkages, market confidence, capabilities, infrastructure, mentorship, and more – all on one platform.